Monday, April 7, 2014

Color: Cinnamon Chipotle Beet Chips

Let me start out by stating this; I have had a lifelong dislike for beets. Utter disdain for those finger-staining, dirt-tasting, why-do-they-put-eggs-in-their-juice vegetables. As for other strange tasting foods or stomach churning ones, I always revert back to my rationale of "Why would I eat that when I could eat (insert steak, bacon, meat, steak) instead? That logic worked until...
Ew. Canned dirt.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Coffee Chipotle Crusted Turkey Burger


That's how I feel turkey burgers have become. Now, don't get me wrong, they have potential. A majority of patties that you get served in a restaurant, or order because you want a lower fat option for your meal however, have lost all hope. In my opinion, processed veggie burgers have more outright flavor. Which, for me to say that...  is a cry for help.

What do we do though? This is still a viable option for tasty foodstuffs. When done right, ground turkey really can be a good option for lightening things up a bit. So, we go to the promised land of flavor; the pantry, to create this: Chipotle and Coffee Turkey Burger. I have seen the delicious light.

 The 5 elements of a naked burger. Cheese wasn't invited. 

Here, we pull out the big guns of

Friday, August 9, 2013

Color: Guajillo and Tequila Aioli


A recurring and important theme in cooking, the visual is the initial draw to the plate or dish. Let's face it, something like bourbon pulled BBQ pork with fried onion straws might be delicious, but burgundy color with some brown crispies on it just doesn't bring the color game to where it needs to be. Now, take some chives, maybe some chipotle ranch dressing, do some decorating, and take the color up a couple notches.

So in this series of posts, I will be providing a recipe (which of course will be fantastic), but the main concentration will be on the color of the finished product. We are going for vivid, vibrant bright colors, that might not be the main course, but the accent will provide that amazing visual flair you will need to make your food pop that much more.
Just begging to be dipped in.